How to Completely Erase Data (Photos, Contacts, and Messages) from Android phone (2022)

Android  phones has been most preferred smartphones in the market right now. But, sooner or later, people will fill their phones with pictures, messages, contacts and other multimedia files that will lead to low storage space on your phone. Not only that, if you want to upgrade your phone then you will have to delete everything from your phone. Now, if you wish to delete everything manually then it will take you forever to do so. Chances are, that you will have tons of files on your phone and manually deleting each of them will be very time consuming. So, in this tutorial, we will show how to delete everything from your phone with just few clicks that will save your time and erase everything safely from your phone.

These tips are best for those who wants to sell their Android  phone or want to giveaway to some family members or friends. The reason why you should erase everything from your phone is because it may contain many private and personal stuff that you don’t want others to look at. Plus, if you are selling your phone then you don’t want them to look at your pictures, contacts and messages. They can be easily misused and the security and privacy will be compromised for all your contact lists. So without any waiting, let’s get started on how to delete data from Android  phones.

Method 1: Hard Reset Android  Phone.

Hard reset means that the phone will go back to the state when you first bought it. It will be totally clean and all data will be wiped including photos, contacts, messages and so on. So, it is recommended to have a full backup of your phone before you decide to delete anything. Use the following procedure to hard reset Android  phones.

Step 1. Turn of the phone if it is turned on.

Step 2. Now press and hold Volume Up + Power button simultaneously to enter into recovery mode

Step 3. Release the buttons when you see the Android  logo.

Step 4. From the recovery menu options, you will have select “Factory Reset” and press OK. (Use volume up and down button to navigate through the options)

Step 5. Wait till the phone is performing the operation and turn on the phone when it is done.

This should completely wipe all data from your phone. But one of the disadvantage to this method is that this is a temporary deletion process. What it means is that these deleted data can be easily recovered if you have access to any data recovery software. So, if you are selling your phone then you will have to take a step further and will have to delete everything permanently. For that, we will have to use a professional software. In this tutorial, we will be using Safewiper for Android to permanently delete all data from your Android  Phone.

Method 2: How to Erase Data from Android  Phones using Safe wiper for Android

Safewiper for Android is a desktop tool that helps you to permanently wipe data from Android  phones. Not only that, you can wipe data from any Android phone using this software. Moreover, it makes sure that the data can never be recovered using any kind of data recovery software. So without further waiting, let us demonstrate how to delete all data from your Android  phone.

Step 1. Download & Launch Safewiper for Android

Firstly, you should head on to the official website and download the software on your computer. The tool is available in both Mac and Windows platform, so make sure to download the supported version. Next, you will have to open the file and install the software on your computer and launch the software to see the main interface of the software.

Step 2. Connect Android  phone to PC

Connect PC to Android

Now, connect your Android  phone to PC using a USB data cable. The software will automatically recognize your device and show it on the computer. Make sure to enable the USB debugging mode from your phone.

Step 3. Start Scanning Process.

The software gives you four options to perform the deletion process. Choose the option from the left side panel and let the software scan your entire phone. This process may take several minutes depending on how much data it is scanning.

Step 4. Preview and Delete Data

After the scanning process is completed, the software will let your preview all files from your phone in a well categorized tabs. Navigate through each folder to preview all files. Select all data that you wish erase and click on “Erase Now” from the bottom right corner of the software.

Erasing Data

This should completely delete all data from your phone permanently. You may now sell or giveaway your phone to anyone you like. If you want to delete photos from android phone, this program also did a great job.


Using the above methods you will be able to completely delete all data from your phone including pictures, contacts, messages and other private data. Make sure to create a full back up before deleting anything. The process is permanent and you will lose all data if you didn’t create any backup.

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