Types of Security Policies in Ethical Hacking

The different types of security policies are as follows: –

  1. Promiscuous policy
  2. Permissive policy
  3. Prudent policy
  4. Paranoid Policy

Promiscuous policy

The promiscuous policy has no restriction on usage of system resources.

Permissive policy

The permissive policy restricts only widely known, dangerous attacks or behavior.

Prudent Policy

The prudent policy ensures maximum and strongest security among them. However, it allows known, necessary risks, blocking all other service but individually enabled services. Every event is log in prudent policy.

Paranoid Policy

Paranoid Policy denied everything, limiting internet usage.

Implitations for Seturity Polity Enfortement

HR department has the responsibility of making sure the organization is aware regarding security policies as well as providing sufficient training.

With the cooperation of the management or administration within an organization, the HR department monitors the enforcement of security policies & deals with any violation, issues arise in the deployment.

Legal implication of security policies enforces under the supervision of the professionals. These professionals are legal experts, consultant which comply with laws, especially local laws and regulations. Any violation of legal implication leads to lawsuits against the responsible.

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